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Diseases such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and cardiovascular disease are causing high rates of premature mortality in the indigenous population. This time it had been the Yorganop group, the agency of foster care. Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs are very high among certain Aboriginal groups and can be difficult to diagnose and treat.

This paper therefore looks at the epidemiology of the state of health for the Aboriginal community, delving into the possible sociological reasons behind this increasingly deplorable condition. In retrospect, the sociological explanations behind the state of Aboriginal health are noted to be based on flaws in the political and economic structures that provide the basis of public health.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have a higher birth rate compared with all women in Australia McGovernp. This was also enhanced by an active lifestyle whose foundation was a community that promoted a family culture that exhibited psychosocial veracity White, At the same time, aborigines are three times as likely to succumb to injuries sustained from accidents as well as other causes such as homicide and even suicide.

Indeed, it is noted that the Aborigines are more likely to be influenced by spiritual beliefs such as curses and punishment from alleged transgression than biomedical views on health.

They are over represented for offences of disorderliness, assault and drunkenness, whilst being under represented for homicide, robbery, theft, fraud, sexual offences, driving and drug offences.

In the societal and cultural context of the state of Aboriginal health in Australia, it can be argued that its structure over time has been altered to serve the best interests of the more dominant non-aboriginal communities. Overcrowding and homelessness combined with diseases such as malnutrition, alcoholism, renal failure and diabetes mellitus are all high risk factors for tuberculosis infection.

This theorist further described three forms of stigma including physical abominations, imperfections of character, and tribal stigma Lewis, This results in a large proportion of avoidable blindness in Aborigines. It was known at the time that Aboriginal people were living in these areas.

Health Issues in the Aborigines Culture

Other conflicts between traditional Aboriginal views and those provided under the constructs of biomedical provisions include the notion of informed consent especially when an approval is sought to proceed with a medical procedure.

These include the inappropriate provision related to health infrastructure and primary care of health within certain indigenous and aboriginal population of Australia. The average number of decayed, missing and filled teeth was 1. Police were used to find and take the children, with orders not to tell the children or parents where they were being taken.

Other health problems faced by children include the prevalence of middle ear infection, consequently affecting the learning abilities of the child that may have speech and hearing problems.

There is a considerable gap of almost 17 years amongst the life expectancy rate of aboriginal and non-aboriginal population within Australia.

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The experience of indigenous and aboriginal population regarding inequality within the status of health is related to the systematic and basic problem of discrimination. The family system has an extended family structure, as opposed to the nuclear or immediate family structure, which is common in Western society Usc.

This legacy has been addressed completely and is a significant challenge for indigenous and aboriginal population in fully enjoying their rights towards health.

Females die 19 years younger and males 18 years younger than their non indigenous counterparts. The related disadvantage of socioeconomics has been experiences by the indigenous and aboriginal population in comparison with the non-aboriginal population results in placing them at higher risk of being exposed to environmental and behavioural health factors at risk.

These inequalities in health have been considered as being both, systematic and avoidable. In consideration with this issue, this essay will be discussing the social determinants of health that can be related with the health issues of aboriginal population in the current era.

Aboriginal Health Essay Sample

Social Determinants of Health related to Health of Aboriginal Population/5(14K). Aboriginals Australia History Essays - Modern Aboriginal Issues. The Epidemiological Aspects of Aboriginal Health Essay - Introduction Over the course of history, the state of Aboriginal health has deteriorated in a relation much similar to the culture’s struggle to survive in the ever-changing society.

Aboriginal health standards in Australia are now so low that almost half of Aboriginal men and over a third of women die before they turn Aboriginal life expectancy is more than 10 years below that of the average non-Aboriginal Australian. Nov 25,  · This essay sample on indigenous health explains the meaning of the word 'indigenous', tells about the indigenous people and the concept of their health and sgtraslochi.comon: N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, Apr 15,  · An Essay on Indigenous Health It is vital that nurses and other health care professionals working with Aboriginal people educate themselves in the issues specific to Aboriginal health.

Understanding the ways in which Aboriginal people view health and illness will provide the health professional with an understanding of why. Nov 25,  · This essay sample on indigenous health explains the meaning of the word 'indigenous', tells about the indigenous people and the concept of their health and sgtraslochi.comon: N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix,

Aboriginal health issues essay
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